Suppliers…do your Homework


Last Saturday we got a call from a hotel in a panic.

They had been let down last minute on Saturday by a supplier of a Ferrero Rocher Pyramid, someone was to supply one for a wedding on Thursday, It was booked over 6 months ago with this “supplier” but on Saturday they said they can no longer do, roll on a stressed Wedding coordinator ringing around.

Luckily Sweets Treats Galore had room to accommodate, and help out the hotel and Bride.

We Supplied two Ferrero Rocher Pyramids to celebrate their magical day.

10489848_592809204166223_3424890631598722589_n 10624968_625902990856844_681814369952210400_n

As a supplier, and ourselves dealing with suppliers, always do your homework, Especially if its a big occasion.

Here’s some research you should do on prospective Suppliers:

  • Reviews – Can you see honest up to date reviews when you search for a supplier.
  • Contact Details – has the Supplier got a number of different ways to contact supplier, call, email, social media?
  • Are contacts / booking forms available – Is there a booking form / Contract to cover you and the suppliers.
  • Reliability – Are they reliable, is there any reviews re being let down.
  • Previous work done – Most suppliers will show off there most recent work done.
  • Payment types / and times.

Have you been let down by a supplier??

Have you not received the service you were looking for???

If you have any more tips please share with us and we will be delighted to add it to our list above.

Elaine xx

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