Our New Website www.sweetstreatsgalore.com

It’s been quite awhile since we last posted on our blog, we have been very busy between Halloween and Christmas.

Halloween this year we seem to have all the kids in the estate at our house, thinking ohhh sweet woman would have loads to give. It was quite a busy night lets just say that.

The run up to Christmas was just madness, only one word for it. Between orders coming in for hampers and Christmas fairs that we were participating in. Sometimes only one a week and other up to 3 a week, It was a family affair them weeks and everyone all over the place with sweets.

download (1)

Roll on January and new website, January was quiet in the way of weddings and orders (due to no one having money after Christmas, Oh don’t we all love January)

So behind the scenes we were working our little fingers off for a new look website, with the help of one of good friends www.silverbling.ie.

Tracey from Silverbling.ie is a website fanatic, and i can’t hesitate to recommend her for any Website problems.

NOW i probably had her head wrecked, “Tracey how do i do this??”, “Tracey how can i do that?, “Tracey i can’t get Google Analytics to work” Yes that last question drove me mad ha. But we got there in the End.

From new products such as Chocolate Covered Cinders, Do you remember these??

Little nuggets of honeycomb in milk chocolate Choc_cinder

To These little for all the girlies out there One Direction Lucky Bags one-direction-lucky-bag-200x200

So as we make our website live, more and more (probably few 100 more items to add) it will get bigger and better. So far the feedback is great, ease of use, quick to find items.

We have our best seller regulars like Milk Teeth, Fruit salads, Barratts Fizzy cola lolies and Apple lollies.

And while doing all that, bookings have started to come in (people have been paid again) Orders for Valentines day and We have celebrated our first Birthday. GO SWEETS TREATS GALORE. First year is always the hardest.

Busy Summer….Candy Sweets

We have been quiet on our blog over the summer, Joys of being a mum and working a company, But we have been busy, busy busy busy!

Sweets Treats Galore has grown from strength to Strength.

First off we got through the School Holidays, Yeah go us!!! And well done to all the other parents who have also.

We have had lot of weddings this summer, Serving our Ferrero Rocher Stands, Candy Buffet tables for both Weddings and Parties alike.

Here is some pictures

 20140912_155642 One of the candy tables for our most recent Bride and Groom this weekend. The Fab Deirdre and Chris at fab hotel The Killeshin Hotel, Portlaoise, Co Laois on Friday 12th September.

Also on Friday 12th September we were at IBM Ireland in their Blanchardstown office celebrating their move to new offices.

Phonto (1)1410521709638

Everyone was delighted with our goodies, Between the wedding and IBM, with IBM going through 460 Ferrero Chocolates in record time, and i mean RECORD TIME ha.

Fruit Salads

Retro Sweet Fruit Salads

Fruit Salads


Fruit Salads are fondly remembered as small rectangular chewy Orange / Red traditional retro sweets dating back as far as the 1920`s. The neatly folded waxed paper wrapping of the Fruit Salad has changed several times over the last few  years from the time it was first manufactured and this reflects not just changing times, but also more recent thinking in terms of political correctness.

Today the iconic Fruit Salad represents a nostalgic old-fashioned sweet which evokes a million happy youthful memories for those of us who remember it from our childhood and teenage years when it could be purchased for a penny from the corner sweet shop.

Fruit Salads are now also sold in packs as well as individually. In the packs the sweets are square, rather than the traditional rectangle, but the taste and texture are every bit the same as ever !!!

Fruit Salads are the cousin of the Black Jack, This is another favorite we all know and some love, some not.

Available from the Sweets Treats Galore from Quarter mix to an ENTIRE WHOLESALE BOX !!!!!!!!!!! Get your order in today !!!

Loom Band Toys!!!

This is not a post about Sweets or anything Candy! From Sweets Treats Galore

But if your a parent i am pretty sure you know about Loom Band Toys.

If your not sure, here is a quick picture and you will see what i am about to post about ha.

download (24)

Loom Bands seem to have become the latest craze among school children.

In the last 2 weeks i’ have noticed children in my daughters school come in with these colorful and i mean very colorful bands and necklaces.

I ask around and i find out they are called Loom Bands, well as i’m sure any parent knows once one child has them its a MUST in your house too from your child.

So off we go to the local shop and buy a bag of Loom Bands, a bag full of colorful small elastic bands, well my two daughters could not wait to open them, but its poor mammy (me) who had to put them together.

Well omg my poor poor finger tips ha, AND if you drop them in any way shape or form they go EVERYWHERE and i mean EVERYWHERE.

As the kids went to bed i was given a list of bands they wanted made to give to family and friends tomorrow. So so far i have done 2 necklaces, 3 bracelets and for awhile after my finger tips were numb to the tip and oh so sore lol, But i managed them and here is a pictures:

20140530_222341 Bands

I am sure any parent who has seen these or done them, KNOWS exactly what i mean on the sore fingers and them EVERYWHERE!!

Let me know your thoughts. xxxx


Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!!



Sweets & Treats Galore is a well!! A Sweet company. What do we do?? Sweets lol. We sell quarter mixes, hampers, jars, bulk buy, wedding candy tables, communion, confirmation, birthdays, ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING.

Who are we, I am a mum, who saw an opening in the market for candy tables. I saw people asking about them on that lovely thing called #facebook. So after a few weeks research and talking about it along came Sweets & Treats Galore.

We are a fully registered company in Ireland (yeah go us). We registered our business name, then we went and got our website domain, and one of us (Elaine) done up our website.

Our website caters for hampers, quarter mixes, jars, bulk buy, gives rough ideas on how much candy tables are the lot.

Every been to a wedding or birthday with a candy table, see every ones eyes light up when they seen all the delightful sweets, Well that was like that at my wedding (Elaine), It was a complete and utter surprise to EVERYONE and i include the Groom on that lol, But years down the line, people still talk about it.

Candy Tables can be from anything from 50 up to no limits, we do all the work you just pick your sweets and colors.

Each day we will be updating a bit on our blog about different sweets and offers so please do come back.

And if there is any sweet your looking for in particular that can’t find please contact us as we will source them, (bar apple jacks and postman pats) :( remember them, childhood memories.